Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November meeting minutes

We had the monthly meeting last Thursday to talk about the topics in the previous blog, and here is a quick rundown:

-Wilmur had the special chicken tenders

-PBS logo items we want are a Banner, shirts, and possibly stickers. The banner will be purchased with donations and will be about $100. There will be a donation box set up at the shop for this drop in some bones when you can. We will probably take orders on shirts to see if we have enough interest, and the same for stickers.

-PBS will likely be a major sponsor for the Sycamore Cycles 2010 race kits, in lieu of getting PBS only kits which would be pretty expensive.

-Sponsorship of The Icycle will be the "Dance competition" brought to you by the PBS, and hopefully we will have our banner by then.

-Again, pictures have been pushed back to the December meeting. I think everyone wants to improve there beard.

-I think because of the Grande's we forgot to talk about a list of members, that will be put on next months agenda again.

-Everyone agreed to spread the word of our social club growing, supporting, and appreciating facial hair of all kinds.

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